December 31, 2018

Cotton Blossom BBQ (WOF)

Time to check in one last time on the progress of Cotton Blossom BBQ at Worlds of Fun.

Again, I have to admit that I am quite surprised at how close to Steel Hawk this new restaurant will be located.  It's practically on the back porch of the control booth.

Since a lot of the foundation work is still curing, they had to cover it up to protect it from the rain.

This will be a nice sized building once completed.

Here you can get a good idea as to where it will be at compared to the current path to Patriot.  Looks like the midway will be expanded a little here.

I don't know about you guys, but I am looking forward to trying this place out in 2019.  Super happy that it is included with the All-Season Dining Program.