December 27, 2018

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

Time to check in on the Riverfront project.  We'll start over by Wilson's Farm.

The building you see is the Ribhouse.  The channel for the Lost River is now completely gone

They have completely torn up all of the former concrete in this area.

You can see where the channel used to be for now.

All of the trees on the hill have been marked for removal.  Looks like this will be a clean cut.

Again you can see the Ribhouse in this view from up near the Giant Barn Swing.  The only remaining structures in the area is this one piece of facade that they appear to be saving.

This is a very large plot of land.  It will be interesting to see how they develop it.

You can see Fireman's Landing in the distance.  They are now using machinery to break up and dig up bedrock and remaining concrete.

That has to be the longest construction fence in the history of this park.

Here's one of the machinery being used to break up bedrock and concrete.

They have made a lot of progress in a very short amount of time.

One last look back at the Ribhouse and the last area that needs to be flattened.

A look at a truck that has arrived to help haul off more debris.

A generator has arrived near the remaining facade.

It'll be interesting to see what they do with this facade piece.

Look how flat they've made this area.

It's almost hard to believe that there was a ride and lake here not that long ago.

Here's where the entrance used to be

I wonder if they'll make this flat or keep the hill down to the lake

It will be interesting to see how big Lake Silver will be once this is all done.

The Lake keeps refilling with rain water.

This is the back of the Lake area closest to the train tracks.

Still a lot of work to do here.

Remember when you could barely see the Giant Barn Swing from this angle?

This pump has gotten a lot of work lately due to all of the rain that keeps falling in the Branson area.

From the train, here's a different view of the machinery.

Also from the train, you can see across the project at the remaining buildings.  I would imagine that they are on borrowed time and will be removed once the park closes for the season.

We will have one final update before the park closes for the season.