December 16, 2018

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

A reader sent in these shots from this past Sunday.  There is really nothing left on the Lost River site.

From the train you can see that they have dug most of the trough for Lost River and it's apparent that they plan to make the entire site level.

Here you can see the Ribhouse in the center of the photo.  There is also the one remaining piece of Lost River just behind the tree on the left.

So apparently they plan to leave this facade wall for the new project.  You'll notice that they have spray painted "SAVE" on this wall.

Here you can see the Ribhouse on the right and Dockside / White River Mercantile on the left.  The remaining wall can be seen just behind the tree. 

From up in the Wilson Farm area you can see that the facade fence is still standing.

One last look at the "Lake" - we'll be back again soon for more photos.