December 9, 2018

Rivertown (SDC)

Welcome to Wall City.  The New Rivertown area construction has kicked into high gear as walls now completely surround the entire project on the park side.  This is at the entrance to Fireman's Landing.

Just inside Fireman's Landing

Near Lucky Dogs in Fireman's Landing.

The food court area near the former entrance to Lost River.

Across from the Riverfront Playhouse

Just past Rube Dugan's shop (they have puppets there now)

Across from White River Mercantile - Ribhouse is in the distance.

Inside Ribhouse (2nd level)

Ribhouse (3rd level)

Near the "Kansas Restrooms" across from the carnival game next to the pizza place.

Wilson's Farm Courtyard

and finally in the queue area of the Giant Barn Swing.

This is a major project - and you might as well get used those walls, they'll be up through the entire 2019 season as they new Rivertown will not debut entirely until the 2020 season.