Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Dragon Slayer (Adventureland)

The first supports for the new coaster have arrived and are being staged below the lift hill ofwhat's left of the Dragon

Additional support pieces have arrived on flat bed.  These supports look very similar to the S&S designed 4-D Free Spin Coasters that have appeared at several Six Flags parks (The Joker at SFGAm) across the nation.

There's some writing on the bottom of this support but it is too hard to make out what it says from this vantage point.  

We will keep you updated on this exciting new development.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Magic Springs

Welcome to Magic Springs Theme Park

This is the Razorback Round Up Bumper Cars


Krazy Kars (reminded me of a tea cup ride)

Rum Runner Pirate Ship

Hawk was not operating today

Plummet Summit (you got quite wet on the actual ride)

The Gauntlet

It was actually relatively smooth for a Vekoma SLC

There's a nice sized lake in the middle of the ride park.  I like how they have their skycoaster (SkyShark) set up so that it flies passengers out over the lake.

Brain Drain (these drop towers scare me more than the S&S and Intamin versions)

Ozark Mountain Taxi Company features a lengthy course

Big Bad John (this was one of my favorite rides at the park)

Yes this is the infamous section track from the River King Mine Train at Six Flags St. Louis.  It was also at Dollywood for awhile where Tennessee Tornado is currently located.

To clear up confusion, this was not the track that featured the first stand up coaster trains. That track is still at Six Flags St. Louis

 The most unique coaster in the park's collection is X-Coaster

The feeling you get as your exit the lift (completely upside down) is something that cannot be described if you have never ridden X-Coaster

You very slowly navigate this roll

and then you plunge back down through the station.  It then goes back up the lift hill (with the chain disengaged) and rushes back through the station back up to the roll and then back down through the station once more before being slowly brought back to the station.

Diamond Mine Run is the park's junior coaster

Clear on the other side of the park is the Arkansas Twister

The coaster recently had a lot of retracking done and it is running very well.

Magic Springs is definitely a fun little park and worth a visit if you can fit it in to your vacation

Crystal Falls

Welcome to Magic Springs' waterpark - Crystal Falls

The park has a nice sized wave pool that they call the Crystal Cove Wave Pool

Bear Cub Bend activity pool

 High Sierra Tower - there are four tube slides in this complex.  The green and navy slides are completely in the dark whereas the red and yellow ones are open.

7 Falls is a complex of 4 tube slides and 3 body slides.  The tube slides feature 2 bowls (they're basically mirror images of each other) and then the red and yellow slides feature open and tunnel sections with pretty good air time drops.  The body slides feature enclosed and then down hill open sections.

Rapid Falls Raceway is a 6 lane down hill mat racing slide

Boogie Blast is one of the Midwest's only boogie board attractions.

Here is a look at the newer section of the park.  The activity pool in front is called Crystal Lagoon 

Monday, June 01, 2020

Park Reopening (SDC)


(Branson, Missouri - June 1st, 2020)
After much preparation, numerous operational changes and added health and safety measures for guests and employees, we are pleased to announce Silver Dollar City (SDC) is reopening exclusively for Season Pass Holders on Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14, followed by all guests on Monday, June 15.

"'Creating Memories Worth Repeating' is our mission.  Families are facing many challenges today and we are excited to welcome them to create new and exciting memories," said President and General Manager of Silver Dollar City, Brad Thomas.  "We have spent months planning and preparing to open with the health and safety guidance from our industry and governmental experts.  We encourage our guests to read through the changes we have made as they make plans for their visit."

To comply with appropriate social distancing guidelines, park capacity will be limited.  Season Pass Holders and general admission guests will be required to reserve the date they wish to visit online.  Reservations can be made at and on the park's mobile app.  Additionally, prior to entering the facilities, hosts and visitors will have a touchless temperature scan.  All hosts and park guests (Age 3 and up) will be required to wear a mask while enjoying the park.  Further information on the changes that have been made for reopening the park safely can be viewed at 

Opening with SDC will be that all-new Rivertown Smokehouse and the new Cinnamon Bread Bakery.  Mystic River Falls will not open with the park and is currently scheduled to open later this summer.

Other Silver Dollar City attractions in the Branson area will also be opening soon.  White Water will open to Season Pass Holders on Monday, June 15 and Tuesday, June 16.  It will open to the general public on Wednesday, June 17.  Showboat Branson Belle will open on Saturday, June 20.  

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Runaway Mountain Coaster

Welcome to the Runaway Mountain Coaster - Branson's original mountain coaster.

The entertainment complex recently added a zipline course, but it was unavailable today.

Here is the loading area

The Runaway starts with a 3 minute climb to the top of the mountain

It really is a peaceful journey to the top

The ride down is very exhilarating 

My only complaint is that there are some "pot holes" on the way down that really jar you if you are going full out.

It is an extremely long track.  They claim that it is the longest in the midwest

There are two spirals on the way down.  The first one takes you clockwise

You really pick up speed between the two spirals.

The second spiral goes counterclockwise and you really feel the G-force here if you aren't afraid to go full out

The ride then ends with a long straight section over the creek back to the station.

Here is the unloading area.

It is a fun ride.  Definitely recommend it in the dark when they have the light show going.