November 7, 2020

An Old Time Christmas - Lights (SDC)


Let's take a walk around the park and look at the lights.  This is in the Grand Expo near the gazebo

Red Gold Heritage Hall

The walkway above Echo Hollow and the Frisco Barn facade


The old Waterboggan tower

Fireman's Landing

Boatworks Theatre facade

Rivertown Playhouse facade

Mystic River Falls

Rivertown Tree

Rivertown Smokehouse

More of Mystic River Falls

Dockside Theatre

Tom Sawyer's Landing / Crossing Pizza

Outlaw Run

Tom Sawyer's Landing

Silver Dollar Saloon

Fire in the Hole

Water Tower Snacks near Fire in the Hole

Opera House (just doesn't seem right that Dickens isn't playing this year)


Lumber Camp Falls


Christmas in Midtown

Heading towards the Depot from Midtown

Flooded Mine

Time Traveler area

Time Traveler

Brown's Candy Factory

Entrance to Midtown near the Blacksmith

Wilderness Church

That concludes our coverage of An Old Time Christmas for 2020.