November 27, 2020

Holiday in the Park - Lights (SFSTL)


The lighting at the stage (when not in use) is pretty neat

Since the Palace Porch is a little busy, the Magic of Christmas Light Show had to be moved into the Palace Gardens this year

Overall, the show is the same, the light trees tend to get a little lost among the real trees of the Palace Gardens

Here you can see how the Light Show trees get lost with the real trees

Ready to take a walk around the park and look at the lights?

The Palace looks amazing with the flood LED lights

Moon Cars

American Thunder

Log Flume


Justice League

Justice League Shop with Colossus in the background

Arbor Tunnel

Wild West area


Wild West area


Britain games area


Carousel area

Loony Tunes National Park

Mine Train area

WB Backlot


Front Mall

Good night from Six Flags St. Louis