August 12, 2003

Cedar Point

Welcome to Cedar Point - America's Rock and Roller Coast!

First ride of the day would be Demon Drop.

The first coaster of the day is the oldest - The Blue Streak.

One of my favorite coasters at the park - RAPTOR.

This B&M inverted coaster is really intense.

While riding the Skyride, you pass over this cool logo flower garden.

Next coaster is Wicked Twister.

My favorite seat is the backseat because you can watch the train spin underneath of you.

This is Wildcat.  It's a small coaster with quick turns.

Iron Dragon is the park's suspended coaster.

Moving on we come to MANTIS.

This is a very large stand-up coaster.

It's kind of fun.

MILLENNIUM FORCE is the best coaster in the park.

That's over 300 foot tall.

After going down the first drop you race around this overbanked turn.

The taller hill is taller than Magnum and the smaller one is taller than Gemini.

It is really fast and really a lot of fun.

This is Mean Streak.  It's rough.

The Cedar Creek Mine Ride is the park's mine train.  I just barely can fold my long legs into the carts in order to ride.

Gemini is the park's racing coaster.  It's really cool how you can reach out and slap hands with the other train on the slow curves.

MAGNUM XL-200 was the first coaster to break the 200 foot tall barrier.

That's Power Tower.  There are two towers that shoot you up and two that shoot you down.

TOP THRILL DRAGSTER - the tallest and fastest coaster in the world.

You blast off to over 120mph on this long straight away.

Then you race up this tower which is over 400 foot tall.

Before you know it, the ride is over.

The next coaster on the loop is Corkscrew.  I really like how it loops over the midway.

There is one last coaster in the park - it's in the building marked 12E.  It's called Disaster Transport and is a bobsled style coaster that is located indoors.

This place is awesome.  So many coasters to choose from.