August 15, 2003

Michigan's Adventure

Welcome to Michigan's Adventure.

The park is built around this man made lake.

The first coaster of the day would be Mad Mouse.

The coaster begins with a series of very sharp hair-pin turns.

Then it goes through several dips making its way back to the station.

The marquee attraction at the park is Shivering Timbers.

This wooden coaster features a massive out-and-back layout.

Look at all of those hills.

The coaster features massive airtime.

The park's second wooden coaster is the Wolverine Wildcat.

This wooden coaster features a more twister layout.

Make sure you sit in a middle seat as it is a little rough.

It is has a fun layout.

The park has a decent log flume.

Let's head towards the park's only looping coaster.

The appropriately named Corkscrew.

It's interesting that this is considered the "extreme" coaster at the park.

The park has a cute car ride that plays music while you ride.

The third and final wooden coaster at the park is Zach's Zoomer.

This wooden coaster is by far the smoothest in the park.

It features a layout much like other junior wooden coasters across the nation.

The Big Dipper is the final coaster in the park.

While technically a kiddie coaster, it's actually a lot of fun.

Michigan's Adventure is a pretty good local park.