August 13, 2003

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

Welcome to Six Flags Worlds of Adventure - the largest amusement park in the world.

First coaster of the day would be X FLIGHT.

This is a Vekoma-built Flying Dutchman rollercoaster.

You start off lying on your back then it flips itself over and you are "flying"

Here is the coaster's vertical loop.

A very interesting ride.

The next coaster of the day would be Superman Ultimate Escape.

This is an Intamin-built impulse coaster and is a lot of fun.

The park's Boomerang coaster is called Mind Eraser.

The park has 3 wooden coasters.  The oldest is the Big Dipper.

The inverted suspended looping coaster is also by Vekoma.

The lakeside setting really adds to the coaster called Serial Thriller.

The park has an old school Arrow looper called Double Loop.

The next wooden coaster of the day would be The Villain.

The Villain features a steel support structure even though it is a wooden coaster.

Most of the ride is only visible outside the park - even though it is the largest coaster in the park.

This is the Texas Twister.  It is a Huss Topspin.

The newest coaster at the park is the Batman Knight Flight.

This B&M built floorless coaster dominates the coastline.

That's one massive loop.

I really like how the corkscrews are directly over the marsh.

A great coaster.

Road Runner Express has to have one of the longest trains I have ever seen.

The final wooden coaster at the park is Raging Wolf Bobs.

This wooden coaster is a little rough.

It is a pretty looking coaster.

Before we go, let's check in on the park's killer whale.

Shouka was inherited by the park when Six Flags bought both Geauga Lake and Sea World.

I had a pretty good day at this HUGE park.