August 11, 2003

Paramount's Kings Island

Welcome to Paramount's Kings Island.

I started off the day with Top Gun.

This is a great Arrow built suspended coaster.

This pile of lumber is called Son of Beast.

This is the tallest, fastest and ROUGHEST wooden coaster in the world.

Here you can see Son of Beast from the air.  If you look there in the middle you can see the loop.

HUSS built Delirium is a lot of fun.

I always enjoy Frisbees.

This is Face/Off, a Vekoma built invertigo.

Rounding out Action Zone you have Drop Zone (Intamin drop tower) and a sky-coaster.

Outer Limit: Flight of Fear is a LSM launched rollercoaster in the dark.

Racer is the wooden racing coaster at the park.

From up in the Eiffel Tower you can get a better look at Racer's layout as well as the layout of our next coaster.

Vortex is a huge Arrow looping coaster.

The best coaster in the park (at night) is THE BEAST.  You can barely see the lift hill of this wooden coaster in the middle of the photo.  The rest is hidden in the woods.

The park has 3 kiddie coaster including Beastie a junior wooden coaster.

The other two kiddie coasters are in this photo.  Runaway Reptar is the yellow and green inverted coaster.  Taxi Jam is on the right and it's a small circular coaster.

One final photo from up in the tower before I head down.

It was a good day.