August 5, 2005

Dorney Park

I finally made it to Dorney Park!

First coaster of the day would be Talon.

It's a great ride.

Hang Time.


The next coaster would be Hydra: the Revenge.

It's a decent ride for a compact floorless coaster.

The Whip is a classic ride.

Dominator is the park's S&S tower complex.

One tower shoots you up, one tower shoots you down, one tower is wasted.

I just don't understand the wasted third tower.

Time for the kiddie coasters.  This is the Little Laser.

Next is the Dragon.

Back to some "big coasters" - this is the Lazer.

Wild Mouse.

The tallest coaster in the park - Steel Force.

It's a lot of fun - and really fast.

It also towers over the next coaster.


Don't sit on a wheel seat and you'll be fine.

A rather large ferris wheel.


The final coaster is Woodstock's Express.

I like how it is hidden in the trees.

Had a good time today.