August 6, 2005


Welcome to Hersheypark.  This park has been on my bucket list for awhile now.

There's Milton Hershey, the founder of the company.

Trailblazer would be the first coaster of the day.

This is a great Arrow-built Minetrain.

It is a lot of fun.

Next was Sidewinder.

It's your typical Vekoma Boomerang.

Now for one of the real starts of the park - Storm Runner.

This Intamin built launched coaster is awesome.

They shoot you down the track and up and over this hill.

There are few inversions along the course that just take your breath away.  Super fun.

Next up was The Wildcat.

This was one of the first GCI built wooden coasters in the world.

It is overall a pretty fun ride.

It must be due for a retracking though as it had several rough spots.

The park has a Wild Mouse coaster that shares the same name.

Nothing overly special about the ride, but it is still a fun coaster.

Nice looking ferris wheel.

The newest wooden coaster at the park is also built by GCI.

Lightning Racer is a dueling/racing wooden coaster that features two separate tracks.

Both tracks are different from each other so it is necessary to experience both.

A fun ride that offers a competitive spin to the ride experience.

Roller Soaker is a very uniwue ride.

You ride on smaller trains and try to avoid water obstacles (it doesn't work).

The best part about the ride is that you can water bomb people below as they try to spray you.

Perhaps one of the best Shoot 'd Chute rides out there - Tidal Wave Force.

Western Chute Out is a raft water ride that reminds me a lot of a waterpark ride.

The oldest coaster in the park is the Comet and it is a classic out-and-back woodie.

The park's lone B&M built coaster is the Great Bear.

This is one of the more unique inverted coasters out there.  Yes, that's a helix right off the lift.

The vertical loop towers over Comet Valley.

There is also a couple of corkscrews over by our next coaster.

The famous Sooper Dooper Looper.

SDL is a Schwarzkopf built coaster and is a classic.

It may be old school, but it is so much fun.

I had an absolute blast at Hersheypark today.