August 3, 2005

Paramount's Kings Dominion

Welcome to Paramount's Kings Dominion.

Time to ride the coaster that brought me here in the first place - Volcano: The Blast Coaster.

This Intamin built launched inverted coaster blasts riders right out of the caldera of the volcano.

Once the train exits the caldera it circles around the volcano navigating several rolls.

The final part of the ride ends in a dive back into the volcano.

Tomb Raider is a highly themed topspin with water and fire effects.

Avalanche is a rare coaster.

This is an Intamin bobsled.

So much fun and super unique.

Time for the indoor launcher - Flight of Fear.

This Premier launched coaster navigates a knot of track indoors and in the dark.

Anaconda is the park's Arrow looping coaster.

It is probably best known for the tunnel that makes it look like it goes underwater.

It has a tangle of inversions over the lake.

The park has a decent shooter ride called Scooby Doo and the Haunted Mansion.

Look!  It's the Mystery Machine.

It's a fun ride.

The park also has a junior wooden rollercoaster themed to Scooby Doo.

All aboard the Ghoster Coaster.

This junior woodie has the classic layout that most junior wooden coasters have.

I found this ride to be rather unique.

The junior coaster is called Taxi Jam.

The park has an old school Intamin stand up coaster called Shock Wave.

The coaster is really not fun or comfortable.

The restraints look like torture devices.

The park's drop tower is called Drop Zone.

This tower is very tall.

Rebel Yell is the park's racing wooden coaster and you can choose to race forwards or backwards.

This is really the only view you can get of the coasters from inside the park.

The park has a beautiful carousel.

Ricochet is the name of the park's mouse style coaster.

The ride starts with a nice first drop.

Then it navigates a lot of hairpin turns.

It's fun, but the trim brakes are on really hard.

I really have nothing nice to say about this wooden rollercoaster.

It's a horrible ride.

Now for one of the most unique coasters out there - Hypersonic XLC (eXtreme Launch Coaster).

Riders are launched down a straight away by compressed air.

The train is then forced up and over this hill.

Better view of the hill.

So as you get launched over this hill you get a violent pop of airtime.

So the interesting thing about this ride is that the wheel are actually filled with air like tires.

While the launch of the ride is fun, the return trip is extremely bouncy and rough.

This park has some of the best flyers around.

Shenandoah Lumber Company is the name of the park's log flume.

The park has a great wooden coaster, but it is hidden in the trees and you can't really see it from inside the park.  It's called the Grizzly.

Before I leave, let's head up in the Eiffel Tower.

I had a good time at PKD today, but it's time to head out.