April 9, 2009

California Adventure

Welcome to Disney California Adventure

Let's head left to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot

My destination was the Tower of Terror

This looks like the right place

Do enjoy your stay

Wait - how did I get so many Fastpasses?  SECRETS!!!

Monsters Inc was up next

It's a pretty fun dark ride featuring Kitty and Mike Wazowski

How about a cheesy 3D show?

It's not a Muppets show without these two

Soarin' Over California was next.  I love this ride

Grizzly Rapids Run was popular today

This rapids ride ends with a big waterfall

With it being warm, the lines were long today

Let's head into Paradise Pier

Midway Mania was my first destination in this area

It's a very fun ride where you shoot different targets

Let's head up into the the big orange peel to ride the Orange Stinger swings

Jellyfish themed parachute towers

Mulholland Madness is a mad mouse coaster

Heading into Bug's Land - Flik's Fun Fair

The Chew Chew Train

Tuck & Roll's Bumper Cars

Lady Bug Twirl

Flik's Flyers

The themeing in the area is a lot of fun

Time to go watch "It's Tough to Be A Bug" in 3D

HSM3 Rolling Dance Party showed up near the entrance

Time to head out