April 11, 2009

Universal Studios Hollywood

Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood

Let's head on in to the park

We started off the day at the Studio Tour

The tour takes guests through numerous scenes on the backlot.

Here is the Fast & the Furious stunt scene

There are many different scenes including the wild west

How about we part the "Red Sea"

Welcome to Wisteria Lane - home of Desperate Housewives

Time for the next sound stage

This one is home to Earthquake: Ride It Out!

Time to visit Amity Island

Watch out for the shark

Whoville - from the Grinch

Bates Motel - home of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

War of the Worlds movie set

It's pretty impressive looking

Heading back into the loading station

Next we went and saw Waterworld

It is an action packed show

One might even describe it as a "blast"

Next we went down to the lower level and rode MUMMY

Next we took a spin on Jurassic Park: the Ride

From there we experienced BACKDRAFT.  

Also down there was the Special Effects Stages

It was a pretty funny and entertaining show

Time to head back up

Once we got back to the upper level we went and rode the Simpsons Ride

From there we went to Shrek 4D

We also got to see Animal Actors Live - it was great

Our next show was T2:3D.  It's a little cheesy, but fun

Time to head out.  Here's a car from Fast & the Furious

What a great day.