April 8, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm

Welcome to Knott's Berry Farm

We turned right and headed into Camp Snoopy first

Hooray, a new credit for us - Sierra Sidewinder

This is a spinner coaster

But instead of individual carts, it features a train of carts

You never knew which way you would end up facing

There is also a kiddie coaster called Timberline Twister in the area

Camp Snoopy also has a ferris wheel

Heading into Fiesta Village, we meet our next ride Montezooma's Revenge

Montezooma's Revenge is a flywheel launched coaster

Here it is on the back spike

Montezooma's Revenge interacts with our next coaster - Jaguar

Jaguar zooms all over the Fiesta Village

It's a great ride.  Reminds me of the Orange Streak at Mall of America

My favorite ride in the area is the Hat Dance

La Revolucion is also in this area

The Boardwalk area features a triple tower turbo tower 

Supreme Scream is it's name

There's also a launched coaster called Xcelerator

It's a blast

It goes up high too

Right across the street is Boomerang

Across the street (again) from that is Perilous Plunge

The final ride in the area is a RipTide - a topspin

Moving into the Ghost Town area, there is a ride-through mine

There is an amazing log flume with multiple animatronics

There's another new to us coaster - Pony Express

This launched coaster has riders riding on the back of horses

There is a great rapids ride in the area too.  Themed to Bigfoot

The large B&M inverted coaster - Silver Bullet is also in the area

It soars over the front part of the park

It really is a lot of fun

The final coaster at the park is Ghost Rider

This mammoth of a wooden coaster is so big that it goes outside the park

While it is starting to get a little rough, it is quite the ride

We had such a great day at the park.  A good start to our vacation