April 12, 2009

Sea World San Diego

Welcome to Sea World San Diego.  The front gate is kind of underwhelming.

Clyde and Seamore is currently presenting Sea Lions Live

The show parodies current TV shows

Slowpoke the Walrus makes an appearance at the end of the show

Time to poke some rays in the petting pool


The park has a pretty awesome rapids ride called Shipwreck Rapids

The middle of the park is dominated by Sesame Street Bay of Play

There are lots of spinny rides themed to characters

See lots of spinny rides

Seriously, there are a lot of spinny rides

Time for the Dolphin Show

They jump high

They have a rescued pet stunt show.  I got bored


Wild Artic has a really bad simulator ride

But they have beluga whales there

and huge walruses, so it's not all bad

The main ride at the park is ATLANTIS

The ride has a rollercoaster section

You do get a little wet on the ride

Sunsets on the skyride are fun

Dophins and Pyro are awesome

Shamu Rocks time

Who doesn't love rock music and killer whales?

They looked like they were having a good time
I know I had a good time at the park.