August 4, 2012

Universal Studios Hollywood

Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Let's go in and explore.

Where should we go first?

Obviously we will go to the Studio Tour first.

All right, let's do this.

Hitchcock's Office.

Lots of cool backlot sets.

Time for KONG 360

It looks a lot better with your 3D glasses on.

Fast and the Furious show.

Lots of fire in this show.

Heading into the Jurassic Park portion.

Oh no.  Dinosaurs!

Flash flood area.

More backlot sets.

Going into the next soundstage.

Time for EARTHQUAKE - Ride It Out!

This can only mean one thing.


The set that was formerly Wysteria Lane for Desperate Housewives.

Pretty cool tour so far.


Bates Motel.

The airplane crash scene from War of the Worlds.

The lake with a huge green screen behind it.

Well that was fun.

The Simpsons Ride would be next.

This simulator ride is... interesting.

Time to head down to the lower lot.

Yep, it's a long way down.

We'll get there eventually.

First up is MUMMY: The Ride.  A great indoor launched coaster with backwards segments.

Let's check out Transformers: The Ride.

It's a fun ride, even if I am not exactly sure what all is going on.

Time for Jurassic Park: the Ride.

This ride is so much fun.

Yeah, you get a little wet on that final plunge.

Watch out for that spitter!

Time to head back up.

Let's check this out.

Showing how set pieces work.

Working some green screen magic.

Some big set pieces being used.

Shrek 4D time.

Time to head into the torture chamber.

The kiddie area.

Looks like Jaws got caught.

Time for T2:3D

Don't worry it's perfectly safe.  Suuuper.

Waterworld was next.

This stunt show is pretty epic.

Even if the movie was a flop, this stunt show is not.

The finals show of the day was Animal Actors LIVE!

It was an entertaining show.

It culminated with an obstacle course.

I had a great day.

Until next time.