August 5, 2012

Sea World San Diego

Welcome to Sea World San Diego.

I started off my day with the Clyde and Seamore Show.

This year they are doing a show called Sea Lions Live.

It was pretty entertaining.

Next it was time for the dolphin show - Blue Horizons.

The show tries to take itself way too serious with cirque style acts.

But we are here for the dolphins.

How cool is that?

The grand finale.

Now it is time for the Pets Rule Show.

Yes, they have kangaroos in this show.

Who doesn't love a good pig butt joke for the finale?

Next was Cirque De La Mer.

This is a cirque inspired show that does not include animals.

It is fairly entertaining.

Time to take the Sky Ride over Mission Bay

This is fun.

The best part is that it is a round trip ride.

The park has a great rapids ride called Shipwreck Rapids.

It very well themed and you get get soaked on it.

Starfish touch pool.

Lots and lots of flamingos.

Manta is the park's major coaster.

The coaster features a launch and then a fun twisting meandering ride.

Here is some of the twists of the ride.

There are also a few pops of air along the course.

It's a great ride.

Sting ray touch pool.

World of the Sea Aquarium

Turtle Reef

Sea turtles.

Shark Encounter.

There were some big sharks in the tank.

Riptide Rescue is the new ride this year.

It reminds me a lot of the Huss Troika.

Bay of Play is the kiddie area.

Overall it is nicely done.

Most of the kiddie rides are themed to Sesame Street characters.

Some turned out pretty neat.

The Skytower never seems to want to work when I want to ride it.

Wild Artic features a simulator ride and then a lot of arctic animal exhibits.

Beluga whales



The other major attraction at the park is Escape from Atlantis.

It actually features a rollercoaster section.

It's actually a pretty major rollercoaster section too.

Major splashdown.

Dolphin touch pool.

Time for Shamu Rocks

These animals are amazing

It is unbelievable how big they are.

Had a good day at Sea World.