August 5, 2012

Legoland California

Welcome to Legoland California.

I started my day with the Coast Cruise.

There are a lot of neat models to see on the cruise.

Imagination Zone - there are a lot of activities in here involving Legos.

Aquazone: Wave Racers.

Bionicle Blaster

Lego Technic Coaster was next.

This is really the only adult coaster in the park.

Land of Adventure.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

It's a pretty neat Sally shooter ride.  There are some very neat set pieces inside.

Beetle Bounce.

Cargo Ace.

Dune Raiders.

A very cool Snake Charmer model

The next coaster of the day was The Dragon.

The coaster starts with a very neat dark ride section with Lego models.

Then it heads outside and gets crazy.

Kings Tournament is a wild ride on these robotic arms.


Royal Joust.




Pirate Shores.

Splash Battle.

Pirate Reef.

Pirate Reef.

Captain Cranky's Challenge.

Welcome to Fun Town.

Some neat models of the "citizens" of Fun Town.

Flying School.

Fire Academy.

Adventure's Club is a fun walk-through with numerous Lego models on display.

Lego Factory Tour.

Driving School

Sky Patrol.

Kid Power Towers.

Sky Cruiser.

Duplo Village.

Fairy Tale Brook.

Safari Trek.

Coastersaurus is the final coaster in the park.

They send you around twice.

I like the dinosaur models.

Now it's time to check out Miniland, the "heart" of the park.

Miniland - Las Vegas.

Miniland - New York City.

Miniland - New Orleans

Miniland - Hollywood.

Miniland - San Francisco.

Miniland - Washington, D.C.

Miniland - Star Wars

Had a great day at Legoland California.

I absolutely enjoy checking out all of the models.  They're so detailed.