August 2, 2012

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Welcome to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Really like the look of the entrance plaza.

First ride of the day is the Revolution.

You have to love old school loopers.

Let's go ride X2 now.

This has to be one of the most insane coasters I have ever ridden.

The trains rotate and make you face straight down as you drop off the lift.

The coaster is very trippy.  Good luck figuring out the course while you are riding.

Viper was next.

This is one of the few remaining major Arrow loopers.

While not the smoothest, it is a lot of fun and a lot history.

Time for TATSU.

This flyer is crazy big.

Flying around the tower.

The size of the pretzel loop is crazy.

I really enjoy this coaster.  I wish the loading procedure was faster though.

Ninja is a must ride for me.

Arrow suspended coasters are becoming quickly extinct.  It is nice to have such a nice layout still available to ride.

Time to ride Superman.

The "coaster" now shoots you backwards out of the ice palace.

Apocalypse the Ride is a newer GCI wooden coaster.

This is a twisty wooden coaster.

Fun ride.

Goldrusher is the park's minetrain.

Riddler's Revenge is the park's gigantic stand-up coaster.

Big. Mean and Green.

Loop at that loop.

Probably the top of its class.

Green Lantern is a very bizarre coaster.

It is a free rotating cart.

I forgot how many times my seat flipped.

The park also has a Batman: the Ride.

It's pretty much like every other cloned Batman out there.

Colossus is a dual track wooden coaster (notice I didn't say racing).

This huge coaster was featured in National Lampoon's Vacation.

Scream! is the park's floorless coaster.

It's a really good layout.

The problem is that it gets overshadowed in a park with so many good coasters.

GOLIATH is an amazing hypercoaster.

It towers over everything, including Colossus.

So they decided to strap a drop tower on the side of Superman.

This is Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom - the current tallest drop ride in the world.

The final coaster in the park is Roadrunner Express.

This park is crazy big.  Had a good time, but I'm exhausted.