December 30, 2016

Diagon Alley (Universal Orlando)

We have arrived at Kings Cross in London.

Luggage is being unloaded and we should soon be on our way.

Oh yeah, welcome to Platform 9 3/4, you filthy muggles.  

Well we've departed Kings Cross Station.  Let's explore some of London.

We hopped on the Knight Bus to get to our next destination.

We've arrived.

This neighborhood is Grimwald Place.

This is #12 and should have been our destination, but only Kreacher was home.

Well. let's go ahead and head into Diagon Alley.  

Woah.  Where did that dragon come from?

This is the Weasley Twin's Joke Shop

The Daily Prophet.

We decided to stop by The Hopping Pot for some drinks.

Nothing hits the spot like a cold Butterbeer.

After our drinks, the parents thought they'd take a joy ride on Hagrid's bike.

Olivander's Wand Shop.

So many neat shops to look at.

Inside the Weasley's Joke Shop

More details inside the Joke Shop.

Inside the Magical Menagerie Pet Shop.

Want a giant snake?  They got them.

The windows of the shops in this area are so cool to look at.

The covered section of the area helps shield people from the hot Florida sun.

Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees performing.

Time to check out Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.

You get to explore Gringotts Bank on the way down to the rollercoaster ride.

Yes there are really goblins working in the bank.

Seriously, this place is so cool.

Heading on down to the load station.

I had to include this one as a goblin totally photobombed me.  The ride is a lot of fun and is a great combination of rollercoaster thrills and 3D surround movie.  A lot of fun and extremely popular.