December 22, 2016

Time Traveler Construction (SDC)

Let's check back in on Project 2018 at SDC
Hey guys, the gate is open!

Here you can see right back to Echo Hollow

Check out all of the footers

Here you can see how close the construction is to ThuNderaTion

Another look at the footers

It is crazy how cleared off that hill is now

Trees are no more

Here is where we just were.  You can see Indian Point Road there in the middle

This is the view from the "back porch"

First off, this is where the Echo Hollow Restrooms used to be
(middle of the picture)

Some interesting land formations have appeared since we were last here

You can see how they have made a couple of flat terraces going down the hill

This trend continues on down into the valley

Zooming in you can see more footers have appeared

New footers have appeared near the ThuNderaTion track as well.

That will do it for our 2017 updates on this project.  
We will be back to check out the progress when the park reopens in the Spring.