June 30, 2017

Star-Spangled Summer (SDC)

Welcome back to Silver Dollar City.  It's Star-Spangled Summer Fest.  We started our day by watching the first show of the day for the Sons of the Silver Dollar - a very talented vocal trio.

There is a huge shop set up in the Frisco Barn for the festival.

Lots of different crafty things that you can purchase and make.

The Harlem Globetrotters Experience is back in the Red Gold Heritage Hall again this year.  The show opens up with guest contests versus Globie, their mascot.

Next four members of the Globetrotters come out and perform some trick shots and dribbling.

Their fun is soon interrupted when Cager from the Washington Generals appears.

The fun continues after Cager leaves with some blatant goal tending.

They also help some young fans spin balls on their fingers.

We thought the show was a lot better this year.

The Champion Cloggers are back again this year.  They are performing at the Boatworks Theatre.

There are a lot of new cast members this year at the Saloon - including a new pianiat and drummer.

They have added a new segment that features a song from the musical HAMILTON.

Also there is a new Charlie and the old Charlie is now Mean Murphy.  I thought the cast did a great job, the show is very entertaining.

In the Opera House, Chris Perondi is performing his Stunt Dog Show.

He has additional trainers that help him.

This is his high flying dog.

They also had a distance jumping dog that jumped over 3 kids and their mascot.

Time for a couple of dogs that jump rope.

What's a dog show without a triathlon.  The 2 dogs flew through this course.

It was a great show.
Star-Spangled Summer runs through July 16th.