July 2, 2017

Branson Coaster (Branson Sawmill)

Sandunerider is back with another update on the Branson Coaster.  First thing you will notice is that they have made a lot of progress on the station building.

The building will also house ticketing and a gift shop.

This building really stands out on 76.

You can see that the buildings under the "wave roof" have really taken shape.

You can see the loading platform is taking shape at the top of the hill.

Those openings should be the maintenance/storage area for the carts.

The final lift hill has a banner proclaiming that the ride still plans to open this summer.

The midcourse lift hill is looking more complete.

Near the bottom on the midcourse lift hill.

This structure is where the spotter will be located to watch the bottom of both lifts.

Bottom of the final lift.

The final lift looks close to being ready for testing.

We will keep an eye on this project and will have a report once it does open.