November 1, 2017

Christmas in Midtown Testing (SDC)

Some more preview photos from the area.  Here is one of the main entrances

Each entrance has a different treatment.  This one is an ornament.

This is the entrance by Bears in the Hollow near the Depot.

The spinning globe in the middle of the area.

Looking up at the globe from pretty much right underneath.

This tree definitely has a "Frozen" feel to it.  You can also see the light tunnel that is on the bridge of Corkscrew Pass.

The red lighted spheres with Santa's sleigh peeking through.

One final look at the area by Sullivan's Mill.

Really like the Coke Santa sign.

Looking down the road towards Midtown from the entry arch by Bears in the Hollow

You can see the carousel with the train on it here.
An Old Time Christmas opens Saturday!