November 14, 2017

Time Traveler Train Unveil (SDC)

Live from the IAAPA Show Room Floor, it is time for the unveiling of one of the cars from the new Time Traveler - the new for 2018 roller coaster at Silver Dollar City.

There was a very large group on hand for the unveil.

Brad Thomas, Park GM of Silver Dollar City showing off the new car.

MACK Rides executive board members (left to right) Guenter Burger, Christian von Elverfeldt, Thorsten Koebele and SDC Park GM Brad Thomas sitting in the Time Traveler car.

Let's take a closer look at this awesome looking car.

Love the look of the logo plate.  There is also a "time bar" just above it.

Wheel chassis.

Some of the theme details under the plate that slows spinning.

Just a great looking design.  Cannot wait to board one of these next April.