November 26, 2017

Winterfest (WOF)

Welcome to the inaugural Winterfest at Worlds of Fun

Really like what they have done with the entry plaza.

Once you enter the park you are greeted with the new Winterfest sign and the 70 foot Christmas tree.

You can ice skate at Das Eishaus for an upcharge.

The Grand Carrousel looks great with its decorations.

The whole area leading to Das Eishaus looks great.

Backing up a little to before the sun set for the evening.  This is Frosty Furnishings which is located in the usual Plaza Gifts shop.

The store now features some great holiday souvenirs.

I really like the themed logo shirts.

Penguins located in International Plaza.

Santa Pics are located in Festahaus East.

Most of the restaurants have received themed names.

Some more photo props located outside of Chickie's and Pete's

Pizzo Pizza is now Dasher's Diner.

A couple of singing "reindeer" are located near Fjord Fjairlane.

There are a few rides open around the park, including Fjord Fjairlane.

Prowler is running and is the lone thrill coaster that is open.

Located in Scandinavia is North Pole Post Office.

You can mail your letters to Santa here.

Viking Voyager is closed, but the queue house looks great.

Trees in Scandinavia.

Candy Cane Cafe

Candy Cane Cafe.

Gingerbread Crossing

Candy Cane Lane

Sounds of the Nativity

They have a large manger scene set up in the Zulu queue building.

You are able feed the manger animals in this area for a fee.

Besides the camels and cows they also have burros, sheep and goats.

I really liked the topiary light sculptures near Congo Clearing.  I personally hope that they stay out year-round.

Several large JOY signs near G'rilla Grill in the Congo Clearing.

They have a menorah in Congo Clearing as well.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Santa Dinosaur.

The games in Africa are really the only thing open.

The star decorations at Mummy Pass are nice.

One of my favorite additions for Winterfest is the Twelve Days of Christmas overlay that Le Taxi Tour received.

As you drive around the route you pass light displays depicting all 12 days of Christmas from the classic song.

Here you can see 8 maids a milking.

The ride concludes with 12 drummers drumming.  This is personally a "must ride/see" for me and I highly recommend waiting in the line to do this attraction.

Mrs. Claus' Kitchen is located in Deja Vu Gifts

Here for the low price of $14 you can decorate a sugar cookie with Mrs. Claus 
(yeah we thought that was pretty expensive too)

Europa is home to the dancing light shows.  They seemed to run constantly. 

Some fun decorations on Autobahn.

Heading up to Americana

This is the Polar Express - they actually have a shop in the depot.

The train takes you on a tour through "Twas the Night Before Winterfest"

They turned SteelHawk into a giant Christmas tree.

Charlie Brown Christmas Town

Really like all of the lights in the trees.

They have some cool light projections around the area.

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Lot.

MERRY CHRISTMAS in lights on the fence on Forum Road.

There is a giant snowglobe prop near Coasters Diner.

Artistan Alley is set up in Bicentennial Square

Several area crafters have stands set up here.

Other than the horrible location, this area is pretty neat and they have some awesome things for sale.

Heading towards Front Street.

I really like the Sunken Fountain area.

It "snows" here every 15 minutes.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear Plaza is set up in Patriot's Landing.

Really liked the Coke Santa set up on the landing across from Patriot.

The old fashioned Coke ads were neat.

They have a great lighted logo sign on the RipCord landing.

The Lantern Festival in the Orient section is awesome.

The best light displays in the park are in the Orient.  Look at how cool these koi fish and lilly pads are.  These are all suspended above the lake by Bamboozler.

Two animated dragons are hung on the supports of Spinning Dragons (which is actually open during Winterfest)

With that we we have looped around the park and are are back to International Plaza.

They have a lighter Coca Cola truck located near parking lot C.
This is a great event and I look forward to seeing it grow in sub-sequential seasons.

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