December 3, 2017

Magic Kingdom - Part I (WDW)


Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

We start our day on Main Street USA

and head right to the Castle for the new Opening Show

While I liked it better when it was at the front gate (seemed more magical to me) having it at the Castle Stage makes it easier for more people to view the show.

Welcome to Fantasyland.  That's King Arthur's Carousel.

PhilharMagic is a 4D movie adventure.

Peter Pan's Flight is still extremely popular.

You board your ship and then set sail to Neverland

"it's a small world" is Disney classic.

Just be warned that the theme song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

But the ride is extremely detailed and just fun to ride.

Just try to block out the theme song while you ride.

Resistance is futile.

The finale scene.

Let's head into "New Fantasyland"

Here you can find the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

This ride gives a "cliff notes version" of the classical tale.

Ariel still wants to be where the people are

The sets on this dark ride are quite elaborate.

The Ursula audio animatronic is very impressive.

Come on and Kiss the Girl

Hooray.  A Happy Ending.

Gaston's Tavern.

The Beast's Castle - where "Be Our Guest" Restaurant is located.

The 7 Dwarves Mine Train is a lot of fun.

The carts actually sway side to side as you round corners.

This is the themed "Tangled Toilets"

The Mad Tea Party.

Dumbo: the Flying Elephant

Casey Jr. themed splash area.

The Barnstormer, junior rollercoaster.

Let's head into Tomorrowland now.  That's the Astro Orbiter up there on the platform.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is an audience participation show that reminds me of the next generation of Turtle Talk.

Stitch's Alien Encounter is a new character photo spot.

One of my favorite attractions in the area is the People Mover.

This is basically the Tomorrowland version of the train.  It takes you up and around most of the section.

There's another view of the Astro Orbiter Rocket Jets.  It's a Dumbo rocket themed ride.

Possibly the best coaster in the park is Space Mountain.  Love this ride.

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