December 2, 2017

Epcot - World Showcase

Welcome to the 2nd part of our coverage on Epcot

Today we are going to take a tour of the World Showcase.

Starting by going right, we come to Canada.
Canada has a Circle Vision movie called "O Canada" and a really good steakhouse.

The next pavilion is the United Kingdom.

Right now there is not an attraction in this pavilion, but that could change soon.

I thought this Christmas decoration was pretty neat.

France is home to a documentary film called Impressions de France and will soon be home to a new Ratatouille dark ride which is set to open in a few years.

Morocco is one on my favorite pavilions to photograph

It really has some of the most distinct looking buildings in World Showcase.

There are no attractions here yet, but I imagine we will see some soon.


I really enjoy the drumming show here.

The architecture of this pavilion is really cool looking.

There is an exhibit hall in the back of this pavilion.

The gate on the lagoon is a great photo spot.

The American Experience is home to an amazing audio animatronic show.  This is also the pavilion that is home to the Candlelight Processional.

Italy is next.  There is no attraction here unless you count the pizza.

Germany has a great Oktoberfest show that is definitely worth watching.

China is home to another Circle Vision movie.

They also have a circus show that performs numerous times during the day.

Norway is home to this really neat church building.

You can also meet Anna and Queen Elsa from Frozen.

Speaking of Frozen - Frozen Ever After is the main attraction here.

This dark boat ride takes you past audio animatronics telling you what has happened in the kingdom since the movie ended.

All of the main characters are here.

You even get to go up to Elsa's Ice Palace where she sings "Let it Go"

It's a fun ride - but make sure you get a FastPass+ for it as the line is horrible.

The final pavilion in World Showcase is Mexico.

They have live musical entertainment here - and it is awesome.

Let's head into the pyramid.

You are greet by a sugar skull couple - could this be hinting that Coco is coming to this pavilion soon?

The current inhabitants of the pyramid are the Three Caballeros who invite you to take the boat ride with them on their Gran Fiesta Tour. 

We often refer to this as the "Mexican version of it's a small world"

It is really a lot of fun though.

You get to see three great animatronics of Donald, Panchito and Jose Carioca towards the end of your boat tour.

With that we have arrived back at the starting point of World Showcase and the Epcot Christmas tree.

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