December 3, 2017

Magic Kingdom - Part II (WDW)


Welcome back and to Part 2 of our coverage of the Magic Kingdom

We'll start off in Adventureland today.  This is the Enchanted Tiki Room where animatronic birds sing and perform for you.  There is also an amazing Dole Whip stand near by which is big time YUM!

The Flying Carpets are near by.  This is another "Dumbo spinner" ride.

The Swiss Family Treehouse is often overlooked, but I always take a stroll through it when I visit the park.

I just think it looks cool.

It's Christmas time, so the player organ is playing Christmas tunes instead of the normal Swisska Polka.

You get a great view of the park from up here.

There are lots of different levels to explore.

Time for one of the best dark rides ever created - Pirates of Caribbean.

We Wants the Red Head!

Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho.

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, we loot

I don't think they'll ever get the dog to come over.

Jack Sparrow makes an appearance at the end.
Well he makes other appearances in the ride too, but this one is more obvious.

The Jungle Cruise is now the Jingle Cruise for the holidays

Even the queue has been dressed up.

The Little Drummer Boys

The amazing backside of water.

Oh look.  This must be Santa's Workshop!

The elephants are throwing a pool party

What a deal.  2 for the price of 1 shrunken heads.  Sounds like a Black Friday bargain to me.

Time for Splash Mountain.

It could just be me, but it seems like I get splashed more on the Magic Kingdom's version than I do on the Disneyland version.  I wonder if it's the different styles of boats.

This is seriously one of my favorite rides.  The show scenes are really well done.

Celebration time.

I see you looking at me Brer Rabbit.

Next door is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

This is the definition of a mine train.  Super themed and super fun.

Welcome foolish mortals to the Haunted Mansion.

The Hall of Presidents is not back open yet, but should be soon with the new 45th President of the United States taking his place.

I highly recommend riding the steam boat.  It is a very relaxing trip around the Rivers of America.

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