December 1, 2017

Animal Kingdom - PANDORA (WDW)

Welcome to the all new PANDORA - the World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Most of the land is dominated by these "floating mountains"

The land is actually quite beautiful with all of the water features and foliage.

Seriously, the whole area has a calming effect when you hang out in it.

Let's queue up for the Flight of Passage.

The queue takes you through a good portion of the "gardens" and past a few totems of banshees.

Another banshee in the shadows of the floating mountains.

The inside portion of the queue features cave paintings by the Na'vi of the banshees along with a few more totems.

You get to go through some of the bioluminescence forest.

In the lab you get to see an avatar in preparation for being dispatched.

There is a skull of a banshee on display in the main lab too.

Heading into the linking chambers you get to see a really cool wall painting.

A display showing other guests linking with avatars.

Time to board.  I won't spoil the ride experience too much, but I will say that we felt it was the next generation of Soarin'.  It is so much fun and definitely worth the long queue wait.

The other new ride in the area is the Na'vi River Journey.

This is a slow moving boat ride through a bioluminescence forest.

Beware there is wildlife present just beyond the river edge.

I really liked the animals bouncing on these leaves.

The floating "jelly fish" are really cool.

The Shaman is an amazing piece of audioanimatronic technology.

PANDORA is an amazing addition to the park and really took immersiveness to the next level for the Walt Disney World Resort.

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