August 19, 2018

MAMBA (Coaster Dynamix Nanocoaster)


Today's build is the Nanocoaster model of MAMBA at Worlds of Fun.  This is the front of the box.

The back of the box.

Unpacking the supplies.  Notice that the stainless steel pieces are already popped out instead of still on the piece of steel like the previous models.  They used rubber cement to secure the pieces to the piece of white cardboard.

First up was the first and second hills.

Next was the midcourse brake run a airtime hill and the bottom of the helix.

The rest of the helix came next.  This was really the most complicated part of the build because you had to bend the track to get it to look correctly.

Next came the rest of the return bunny hills and the turn back into the station.

Finally you add the name plate and the station.

Now for some profile shots.

Overall, this was probably the easiest Nanocoaster I've built to date, but I do like how it turned out.