August 18, 2018

RAPTOR (Coaster Dynamix Nanocoaster)


Today's Nanocoaster build is Raptor from Cedar Point.  Here is the front of the box.

The backside of the box.

Here is all the pieces that come with the kit.  The acrylic base, directions and the painted stainless steel parts.

The station, turn out to the lift, lift hill and first drop.

The corkscrew after the midcourse brake run

The vertical loop and roll that follows

The cobra roll

Starting to build up the helix into the midcourse brake run

The midcourse brake run and curves into and out of it.

Working on the path back to the final helix area.

Final helix.

The final curves into the station.

Adding the extra bracing to the lift hill.

The final touches of the station and the Raptor name plate.

Now for some profile shots.

This one was more challenging than some of the other models, but I think it turned out nicely.