August 17, 2018

MILLENNIUM FORCE (Coaster Dynamix Nanocoaster))


Today's build is a nanocoaster of Millennium Force at Cedar Point.  Here is the front of the packaging

and here is the back of the packaging.

The kit includes directions, stainless steel pieces and a two part acrylic base.

The assembled base

The kit goes together pretty easily, starting with the station area, lift and first drop.

Next you put in the first turn and curve into the first tunnel.  Getting the first turn shaped correctly was a little tricky but not too bad.

Next came the largest of the airtime hills.

The island curves were a little tricky to get in place as they required some overlapping of pieces while bending them into the correct shape.

Now the smaller airtime hill, second tunnel curve and the run next to the station and queue line.

Finally the last overbanked curve and final brake run.

The finishing touches are the ride name plate and station.

The next few photos are of different angles of the finished model.

I think it turned out amazing.  I'm really enjoying this new line of amusement park products.