December 21, 2019

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

Time for the last Mystic River Falls update of the year.  One thing you'll notice is that there are a lot of trees in this former barren plot of land.  Also that new covered seating area for the Smokehouse is quite large

This is definitely going to be a scenic river ride

Here's a look at the tower from the Giant Barn Swing queue line

That long concrete channel is at the start of the ride.  The tower is at the end
Apparently the elevator is supposed to be installed sometime in the next few weeks if weather cooperates
This is basically the top of the river before you head into the winding area of the ride

Here you can see the backside of the Smokehouse.

Lots of natural looking landscaping has been added to the ride

And like I mentioned before, trees.

Looking back towards the tower (as seen from Wilson's Farm)

One last look at the winding section from Wilson's Farm

Peeking through the work wall at a corner near the Smokehouse

Seating area for Smokehouse on the right

It looks like the Smokehouse is going with a corrugated tin siding look.  I guess this area will have a Bayou theme then?  So does that mean we can get Cajun Connection back across the midway path? 

Nothing on the main entrance facade area yet, but both wings have the tin siding up

This is the exit pathway and a small souvenir stand

This is the entrance area for the ride

Far center you can see the smaller covered seating area for Smokehouse.  On the right is the load station for Mystic River and the final drop is dead center

Entrance queue is on the left of the station, exit on the right.  Looks like it is almost time to build the pathway over the ride channel back into the station

Here's a better look at the exit pathway and souvenir shop

A better side profile of the Smokehouse

More zoomed out photo of the area.  You can see how the channel will work here as it heads back to the station

Looking right into the station

Here's that souvenir stand again
The new dining patio for the Rivertown food court is huge
Here you can see how the exit flows right into the new dining patio

Lake Silver is starting to fill back up again naturally.  It sure is a lot smaller than before

One last look at the far bank of Lake Silver before we head out