December 26, 2019

Winterfest (WOF)

Part One

Welcome to Winterfest at Worlds of Fun

International Plaza has received some upgrades this year with the addition of more seating and heat lamps

We really like how they repurposed the castle from Haunt for Winterfest

The Ice Prince and Princess now how a more prominent home

Reindeer Round-up

Grand Carrousel

Heading into the Orient section

Some very bright projections on the pathway outside of Rickshaw's

Spinning Dragons was one of two coasters (the other being Prowler) that were operating

Still one of the best looking areas of the park

Bamboozler with some very nice light sculptures on its pond

The Winterfest logo was moved to the train bridge across from RipCord
Snow Flake Lake upcharge ice skating on the RipCord pond

Steel Hawk has been transformed into a giant tree of lights for Winterfest

Americana Star Plaza

Mrs. Claus' Kitchen is where you can decorate cookies for an additional fee

Near Timber Wolf and Cyclone Sams (Sams was open)

Pizza restaurant in the Wild West section

This area was kind of dead without the train this year

Mustang Runner was open

The hill next to Detonator

Planet Snoopy looking very festive

Charlie Brown's Tree Farm

Lots of cut trees in this area

You'll also find his famous tree here

The Gliders were open

We're just getting started on our coverage of Winterfest