December 27, 2019

Holiday in the Park (SFSTL)

Welcome to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags St. Louis

The park's main Christmas tree is immediately inside the front gate

It's time to spot the oversized Christmas ornaments around the park.  This one is on the stage near Batman

This one is over by the train bridge near Batman

This one is near Colossus

There's another one in front of the Empire Theater

The largest ornament is next to Xcalibur.
Hi, by the way, I realized that I haven't actually been in most of our reports this year.  Hope you had a great season of thrills in 2019.  We sure did.

The classic fire truck near the Log Flume was pretty neat

The petting zoo moved to a new home this season - the arbor tunnel near Mr. Freeze

While the new location gets a lot more foot traffic, there is not room for camel rides this year

The alpacas are the stars of the show this year.

Near Super Girl, they have added a bunch of new gingerbread themed decorations and they look amazing

Time to check out the lights

The area near the Log Flume and American Thunder is called Americana Christmas

The front of the park is called Christmas Courtyard

The area by Batman is called Tinsel Town

The middle of the park is called Celebration of Six Flags

Near the Mine Train is Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

That area stretches up to Fireball, which is open this year for Holiday in the Park

The kiddie area is Candy Cane Forest

The area near Super Girl is Gingerbread Village

This is the start of the North Pole, which is over near Pandemonium

North Pole stretches past Miss Kitty's to that green building which was the new location of Santa's House (he's obviously gone back to the real North Pole since it's after Christmas)

Really like all of the lighted cut trees in this area

The area over by Mr. Freeze is called Winter Wonderland

The park looks very festive and it was nice to see so many rides open for this festival.