December 26, 2019

Winterfest Shows (WOF)


The first show of the night is the Tree Lighting Ceremony which features the casts from both Cool Yule and Holly Jolly Trolley on the main stage

Special Guests are then escorted to the top of the stage to throw the switch to light the tree

The tree is officially light and Winterfest is now open

In the Tivoli Music Hall, Charlie Brown's Christmas Spectacular is performing

This a fun show that features most of the main Peanuts characters

It makes you wonder why they don't do an elaborate stage show with the Peanuts characters during the normal operating season in the Tivoli

The Mistletones are performing 50s style Christmas Classics at the Tinsel Town Stage in Americana section of the park

The Peanuts gang is also greeting guests at Snoopy Plaza in the Planet Snoopy section of the park

The Holly Jolly Trolley crew performs several Holiday Classics near Subway in the Americana section of the park

This show is a little hard to see if you are not in the very front as they do not actually perform on a stage, but instead perform on the midway

A new version of Tinker's Toy Factory is performing in the Moulin Rouge Theater this year and it is much improved over last year's version 

The premise of this show is that Santa has a cold and the elves are worried that he might not be able to deliver the toys this year

So they come up with lots of plans, including having Tinker step in to fill the big shoes of Santa

In the end Santa proves to be just fine and Ruffles gets her hippopotamus for Christmas

Sounds of the Nativity performs over near Zulu.  Our main complaint about this show is that there is really no set schedule.  They just perform whenever the mood strikes them and you have to hope you're in the area.

Cool Yule performs on the main stage in International Plaza

This show features a lot of newer Christmas songs