May 12, 2019

Mystic River Falls (SDC)

Well... if we don't look over the fence, how can we provide our readers with a new update?

The terrain of the ride plot continues to change each day

The pump house seems to sprawl out even further each time we visit.

The foundations over there for the pump house (and maybe station) continue to grow.

Something new has popped up over by the Giant Swing, and the foundations for what we assume is the new Ribhouse have appeared.

The trough continues to grow.  They've added a new bunny hop section

You can see the new section there on the left along with lots of machinery

There's the new section in the middle of the photo, and what appears to be some new landscaping at the bottom of the photo

The path here is kind of interesting as it leads to nothing and is directly "below" the new dining patio for Crossroads Pizza.  Maybe this will be a viewing area with water blasters?

Here you can see that new cement area.  Our guess is viewing area.

Here are the ends of the trough for right now.

A different vantage point of the ends of the trough and the start of a very beefy footer.  Could this be where the slide is going?

Now we're not saying that there will be an elevator lift on this thing, but can you explain these foundations if there is not going to be a lift?

It just seems a little too "lifty" to be anything else.

Definitely something that we will need to keep an eye on

One last photo where you can see some of the pump house.  We'll be back again soon.