May 27, 2019

Supergirl Skyflyer - NOW OPEN (SFSTL)

The new Supergirl Skyflyer is NOW OPEN at Six Flags St. Louis

Much like at Superman: Tower of Power, Supergirl has her logo made out of concrete too.

The main marquee features a large cutout of the super hero and a light up sign.

The queue area features a nice shade structure, which will come in handy during the HOT Missouri summers.

The queue area is split into "stand by" and "Fast Pass/Handicap"  -- from here they will send the next set of riders into the holding pen which is just outside this area.

Here you can see where the grouper is located.  The holding pen for the next set of riders is just to the right of this photo.

The Supergirl shield can be found on all of the support structures for the ride.

There are 3 panels with information on Supergirl in the queue area.

This particular model of the Endeavor features single seating, whereas previous park models have double seating.

The harnesses are automatic, so don't try to put them down yourself.

This ride should look amazing at night with the amount of LED lights that can be found on the ride.  Let's hope SFSTL actually maintains them.

The ride begins by lifting the wheel up before your really start spinning.

It doesn't take long for the hydraulic lift to get you vertical.

The ride really pulls some Gs.  So we don't recommend riding right after eating.

It really whips you around.

It doesn't seem like you stay vertical very long, but that might be for the best. 

It is a fun ride and a worthy replacement for the Highland Fling.  Be sure to check it out, the next time you are at the park