May 26, 2019

Opening Weekend (OOF)

Welcome to Opening Weekend at Oceans of Fun

Heading into the park you can see Paradise Falls on your right.

Paradise Falls is a multi-level waterfortress that features cascading waters, multiple slides and plenty of fun for the whole family

Surf City Wavepool is a large pool that creates giant waves

Predators' Plunge is a trio of drop capsule body slides.  Each slide features a slightly different layout, which will cause sliders to want to try out all three.

Sharks' Revenge are twin raft slides. One features a straight down drop, the other features a camel back hump drop.

The final slide in the complex is Constrictor which features tight helices where riders can feel the G-forces as they navigate the slide.

Hurricane Falls is the park's family raft slide adventure

Caribbean Cruiser is the park's lazy river

Diamond Head was not open today due to some technical difficulties.
I keep hearing that this will be its final season

Typhoon is a pair of racing body slides.

Aruba Tuba is a pair of raft slides.  One features and open course while the other features numerous enclosed portions along its route.

Coconut Cove is a large activity pool

There are numerous slides, an obstacle course, and floating structures to climb on

The final attraction at the park is Monsoon.  A shoot-the-chutes style ride that always makes a big splash.  Oceans of Fun is now open daily for the summer season.