May 26, 2019

World & Oceans Update (WOF/OOF)

The Torri Gate is now complete at the entrance to the Orient section

The new grass at Spinning Dragons looks great.  In the past, this area was just a bed of wood chips

A new sign listing the offerings at Cotton Blossom BBQ

The outdoor area at Cotton Blossom BBQ is a new Coca-Cola Refresh Station

A new game - Mario's Mystery Box has opened near Detonator.  You pick a box and the number inside corresponds to a type of prize, which appear to all be Super Mario Bros themed.

Forum Road is back open to foot traffic.

The new shade structures turned out nice

Maybe eventually they can get ivy to grow on it.
A new topiary has appeared near Prospectors.  It appears to be a burro

 Some palms were added to the Africa sign near Moroccan Merchant

Scandi Candies is still not open, even though the signs advertised a May opening.

A new snack stand, Scandi Snacks has opened near Nordic Chaser

Something is missing here - the Fury sign has been removed from the train bridge near the Oasis.

New Egyptian themed columns have appeared on this same bridge.

The new sound booth for the stage in International Plaza appears to be close to completion

I'm sure this will help the production value of the shows presented here.

Finally, over in Oceans, the new Paradise Pizza has opened near the wave pool.