September 14, 2019

Great Pumpkin Fest (WOF)

Welcome to the Great Pumpkin Fest at Worlds of Fun.
This the "scare-free" portion of Halloween Haunt and it takes place in Planet Snoopy

One thing we would like to note is that Planet Snoopy closes at 6pm on Saturdays. 
This means there is no access to the entire area after 6pm.

I really liked the new Peanuts themed jack-o-lanterns at the main plaza in the area

A new pumpkin arch over the entrance to the new Petting Farm

Lots of great banners and bunting around the entire Planet Snoopy

This is the entrance to Linus' Labyrinth. 

The family friendly corn maze was actually a lot of fun.  There are no dead ends, so there's no reason to be worried about getting lost

The entrance to the Great Pumpkin Patch can be found at the end of the corn maze

Through this arch you can find two more family fun activities

This is a hale bale maze where you can take home a mini pumpkin

This is a trick-or-treat trail for the kids

Just a really neat set up and the younger guests were having a great time

More decorations down in the lower section of Planet Snoopy

Again, as a reminder, this section closes at 6pm.  They will block off the area completely at all entrances to Planet Snoopy.  In addition there is NO access to Blood Shed through Planet Snoopy, it can only be accessed by going through the Forum seating area.

In addition to Planet Snoopy, the new scare zone Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater transitions to "scare-free" during the day 

No screamsters are present and honestly it works well in both versions

Not nearly as scary under the bright sunshine

A huge pumpkin prop in the center of the scare zone

Lots of cool props for the kids to check out

There's lots of fun for the kids during the day, but things get a little scarier once the sun goes down.  Be sure to check out the other parts of our 2019 HAUNT coverage by clicking the links below