September 14, 2019

Halloween HAUNT Shows (WOF)


A long tradition at the park continues again this season with a Halloween Musical Review at the Moulin Rouge.  Constantly playing to packed houses - Haunted Homecoming is one of the most popular parts of the Halloween tradition at WOF.

This year's version features a brand new opening with a locker entrance.

"I Gotta Go Back to School Again" - Grease 2

"Cell Block Tango" - Chicago: the Musical

"Cell Block Tango" - Chicago: the Musical

"Hot Hot Hot"

"Disco Inferno"


"Burnin' Love"

"Dentist" - Little Shop of Horrors

Lots of crowd interaction during this segment

"I Put A Spell On You" - Hocus Pocus

"Time Warp" - Rocky Horror Picture Show

This year's version of Haunted Homecoming was amazing.  Very tight harmonies and a very energetic show.  Definitely worth seeing.  We'll probably be back again before HAUNT ends

Time to segue over to the Overlord's Awakening in International Plaza.  The screamsters are already arriving.

The new stage looks amazing.

Here come the screamsters.  Each maze and scarezone is represented by a head

The Overlord appears!

The Wicked Witches of the East and West are back again this year

There seemed be a lot more vehicles this year in the parade.  Took awhile to get them all staged around the center ring of the International Plaza

The other show during HAUNT is the Skeleton Crew which takes place at the International Plaza Stage.  This is sort of a condensed Cirque style show that features an aerial straps artist

A Russian Hoop artist

A trapeze artist

and the finale is a trampoline and wall act with three different artists participating.
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