September 14, 2019

Halloween HAUNT Decorations (WOF)


Welcome to a new season of Halloween HAUNT at Worlds of Fun

This is truly the "most wonderful time of the year" at the park and honestly, I think HAUNT is when Worlds of Fun really shows its dominance in the amusement industry

A lot of attention has been put on the decorations in International Plaza this year with several large photo ops placed around the area.

The Orient has a really cool Lantern Festival area over the lake

The Throne has returned this year and has the additions of some very cool metal dragons

Star Fountain Plaza is a lot less crowded with decorations this year and that's fine with us.  The simple lights and garland on the poles mirror what they do in the area for Winterfest

It honestly feels like this area is the "retro decoration" area of the park.  We really like the cat decorations on the Front Street Emporium shop this year.

The Wizard of Oz tradition continues at Cyclone Sams.

If anything they keep stepping up their game with the decorations here

I also like how they've spread out the characters a little bit

The tin man on the queue roof could easily be missed though

The ambulance is stationed by Boomerang this year.  Weird to think that we are now 2 seasons removed from having a medical themed maze.

Troll Crossing returns in Europa.  The kids love this thing.  They will yell at him until they "wake him up"

The barrel prop from Grand Carnivale's Germany area has been moved to Europa and claimed by spiders

The Spiders have taken over the Europa restrooms too

The themed tombstones have appeared in Europa this season

The Africa entrance sign across from the Floral Clock has been updated for HAUNT

The skull from the Fright Zone (long defunct scare zone) has returned by Moroccan Merchant

Jack has found a new home in Scandinavia

While not officially a scare zone this year, this area is basically the new CarnEvil

I think the park missed out on the chance at marketing it as another scarezone

Time to take a look at the souvenir offerings for this year.

The orange tied-dyed pumpkin shirt is pretty neat

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) souvenirs

I liked the homage back to an original Haunt character that used to roam the park

One really neat thing I saw this season was that the Star Fountain Plaza was really busy with families just hanging out while other members of their parties were visiting mazes.

The updated lighting in International Plaza was put to good use on the new Overlord's Awakening stage

We're just getting started on our coverage of HAUNT 2019.
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