November 2, 2019

Fright Fest Mazes (SFSTL)


Unlike Cedar Fair parks, it is an upcharge to go through the Haunted Houses at Six Flags... and it's not cheap either

Camp Killamore moved from Hurricane Harbor to the old Paint Ball area this season

The location made it a little better than the past

Night Terrors is remained relatively unchanged from last year.  Be careful not to roll an ankle in the graveyard scene.  I still say it's a lawsuit waiting to happen

Oddball's Fun House is new this year.  It is a very small maze located at the exit to Thunder River.  Even though it is small, it was probably one of the better mazes because it stuck to its theme

Blind Fury seemed to be about the same as last year.  I think they really are missing the mark on this one.  The theme is really easy to do, yet they seem to want to do anything but a toy factory theme

The longest and best maze here is Slaughter House.  There are some legitimate scares in here

Gnawling Hollow is a cannibal themed scare zone near the Log Flume

There are sliders here, so be warned

Sycophants is located in DC Plaza and has a post-apocalyptic theme

Not really scary unless banging bats against metal does it for you

Vengeful Trolls is located next to Colossus

One of the more interactive scare zones and the screamsters actually try in here

This big guy is also in there

Sinister Clowns is near Pandemonium

The lighting in here is pretty trippy

Project Chromo is next to Boomerang

There are mutants in here from a failed experiment

It is way too bright in here for the screamsters to actually be able to do anything

Zombieville is over near Spinsanity

The screamsters in here actually did a pretty good job this year