October 30, 2021

Pumpkin in the City (SDC)


The royalty officially declare that Pumpkins in the City is now OPEN!

The entry arch located next to the entry to Echo Hollow

The largest pumpkin display is this explorer next to the Red Gold Heritage Hall

Some fun lighting in that area

Owl is next to the Electro Spin

Cat is next to the Galleon

The Bat Stack is next to the Gazebo in Grand Expo

The Spiders are located on the Tea Party

Pumpkins Plaza is the place to be for the dance party

Lots of large inflatable pumpkins

There are lots of animal themed pumpkins along this pathway back to the main park

I really like the campfire scene

Just some of the many animals along the pathway

Music themed pumpkins near Boatworks Theater

A row of owl on the backside of Boatworks Theater

Lucky the Dalmatian on the roof of the Toy Store

Bats on the roof of Riverfront Playhouse

Large bats on the back of Riverfront Playhouse

A stack of a Cow, Pig and Chicken on the roof of the Smokehouse

The far end of the decorated area - near Dockside Theater