October 31, 2021

Fright Fest - Shows (SFSTL)


Live shows return to the Palace Theatre with the crowd favorite - Love at First Fright

This long running show has received an update with songs and definitely is sporting a talented cast for this season

The entire cast did a great job and it was nice to be back inside the Palace again

The Empire Theatre was host to magician, Johnny Magic and his show Reality?

Deadman's Party is back with some new dance numbers on the Palace Porch Stage

Will Rotten was back with his side show.  This time in a much longer show.  Yes he is nailing a nail into his nostrils

He also did his famous sword swallowing act

Freaks Unleashed is the official start to the chaos of the evening.

All of the Screamsters ride the train in and then once they arrive at the station...

they make their way into the crowd and begin to terrorize